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Console Table

console table is a table whose top surface is supported by corbels or brackets rather than by the usual four legs.[1] It is thus similar to a supported shelf and is not designed to serve as a stand-alone surface. It is frequently used as pier table (which may have legs of any variety), to abut a pier wall.

The term console derives from the compound Latin verb consolor ''to alleviate, lighten'', from the verb solor, ''to assuage, soothe, relieve, mitigate'', plus the preposition con/com/cum, ''with''.[2]


Zippo Console Table

Shaker Console Table (5ft)

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Shaker III Console Table (3ft)

Scotland Console Table

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Rose Console Table (3ft)

Rose Console Table (4ft)

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Orlando Console Table

Flora Console Table

RM 498.00Add to CartRM 532.00Add to Cart

Chile Console Table

Berlim Console Table

RM 515.00Add to Cart

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